Welcome to Shen Wu Internal Arts!

Internal Martial Arts and Bodywork

Shen Wu Internal Arts was founded by Wolfgang Schwalenberg as a place for those interested in studying martial arts in an integrated and authentic way.
We provide research and instruction in the martial arts of Ba Gua Zhang, Zhang Kuntao and Xing Yi Quan and their connections to Nei Gong (Qi Gong), health exercises, Daoist meditation and traditional Chinese medicine.
Everything we teach is linked to one other, rather than being separate art forms.
Each student is taught individually, as everyone`s personality – both mental and physical – is unique with his/her own experiences, strengths and shortcomings. Instead of drilling everybody into one whole, students are encouraged to discover the martial arts by themselves under the guidance of the teacher.
Our aim is to teach each member individually and to support them in the fulfillment of its goals as well as to teach these arts and exercises without mysticism or secrecy and to make them accessible to everyone.
We are able to provide you with English explanations and instructions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have or to make an appointment for a trial class.